Kamienica Nova

Location: Langiewicza Str. 28, Szczecin
Delivery for use: 2nd November, 2012
Investor and contractor: CALBUD-DEVELOPER Sp. J.
Designer: Dedeco Sp. z o.o.
Number of apartments: 97
Number of service-designed premises: 5
Number of parking places: 37

Investment Description

Kamienica Nova - the dwelling-service complex located at the junction of Langiewicza and Ks. Bogusława X Streets, consists the revitalisation and a significant complement of the quarter at the very centre of Szczecin. At the ground floor level which will be completely glazed there will be 8 service outlets with the intended branches of non-harassing kind, eg offices, medical offices, bank local branches, pharmacies etc.


The chief advantage of the building location at the junction of Ks. Bugusława X and Langiewicza Streets is the direct vicinity of the well-developed public transport network, functioning within the main transport routes – the Krzywoustego Street, Piastów Avenue and Wyzwolenia Street. Numerous bus and tram lines provide the broad availability of the services provided to the potential tenant of the service premises.